Day 6 But Should Be 10!

Oh my, how the days slip by! Between taking my Sammy dog to the vet, finding somewhere to wash clothes, running people to and fro, visiting family, and still being bone tired, it just got away from me. Wednesday was my birthday. It was a crazy day. But what GOD did for me that day made it a good one.

First off, Little Man finished up his sessions (IM Therapy). Wow. Amazing progress!

Secondly, my kids and hubby bought me the little things I like. They tend to buy me all different kinds of presents, but for me, it's the little ones that mean the most to me. A six-pack of Pepsi to help clear my throat after I eat (newest weird symptom). Hershey's with Almonds. Yummm. Almond Joys. It was special to me because they bought what I wanted. That may sound selfish, and I guess it is, but for them to go with what I want versus what they want to give me says to me that they know me, that they know it's the simple things that matter to me, that they know who I am. It's likely not coming out right...

My Little Mama who isn't so little anymore also made me breakfast in bed AND lunch! Roast that she got up at 5 am to make! Now, if you know anything about this child, you will know she's not a morning person!

Dear Hubby came home for lunch with a giant ice cream cupcake. It was good to see him in the middle of the day. Not the usual anymore. 

GOD is good because HE is big. But this GOD who is so big knows the tiniest little things about us.

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