Day 3

Sometimes GOD shows me HIS mercy by what I DON'T have:

My house may be in disrepair, but I don't have mass destruction going on around me.

I may not be in good health, but I am not dying painfully, slowly, without avenues of help to pursue.

The bills keep coming, things keep breaking (the washing machine tub actually detached itself today!), but I do not carry the weight of debt on my shoulders.

I don't have children who are in the entangling web of drugs, alcohol, prostitution or sex trafficking 
(I read just a bit ago that 83% or so of those children trapped in this atrocity are FROM the US).

I don't have an abusive husband nor was I brought up in an abusive household.

I have not been violated physically.

All I have to do is look or listen to the news to see what GOD has spared me from. HE does not owe me anything. I do not deserve not to have it happen to me. I have always told my children when they are griping about how unfair things are to compare themselves to those "worse off" than they "are". It's simply not true that "everyone else has it/gets to do it...". The homeless man on the street with the cardboard sign looking for food or work doesn't have it. Nor do the children in the homeless shelters. How about much of the population of the world? Do the orphans in China have it? Does the destitute person dying of AIDS in Africa have it? We're too busy looking around us to look down to see the heights in which HE has brought us. 

Thank YOU, GOD, for the trials I face. Thank YOU for sparing me the ones I do not endure.

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