Day 4

I watched a show tonight on Netflix about 9/11. To see what went on "inside" the different locations they filmed opened the horrific atrocity in a whole new way to me. I hadn't thought about the employees who worked at the monitoring station - whatever place you call where they watch all the flights and their locations on a computer - their utter shock at seeing it happen on the screen right before their eyes as they are investigating the possible hijacking.

I hadn't thought about the man who listened to the tape recording trying to hear whether the voice said plane or planes. I've mostly focused on the Towers and certain individuals highlighted in the news. But to "see" it happening as if I'm there as well...it just took me aback! To feel the horror they felt on Flight 95, to see their courage and ingenuity in the time of crisis. To hear people calling their loved ones and saying how much they love them and goodbye. Ugh! It wrenches my heart even thinking of it now.

I wonder how many people involved in all the locations have their name written in the Book of Life. I still cannot fathom what was going on in the terrorists' minds. I don't understand their belief system - how does killing oneself while killing others please their god? I wonder how the families left behind are faring today. Did they draw any closer to GOD or did it send them further away?

The film made me realize how many different angles I hadn't even thought about before. Even though I try to research, I end up realizing just how much I don't know. And if that is true, how beyond my scope is GOD in all HIS greatness???!!! I continue my prayer for GOD to give me eyes to see.

When I saw this picture, it made me think as if time could stop for a moment just before the plane hit. All those people in the buildings going about their day perhaps not yet knowing what had just happened next door. I think of the people on the plane knowing this was their final moment, their last breath, their last vision of life on this earth, their last thought...how their families' lives would be forever changed just a split second later. If we really understood what lies ahead in time, would we live our lives any differently? Would we make sure to tell our loved ones that we care? Would we live as if each moment were our last? One day it will be. GOD, bore that into my soul! I need to stop wasting time and somehow get the Truth out there. How sidetracked I get, how easily I forget and time keeps slipping closer and closer to your rearrival. LORD, what can I do for those around me whose final moment is coming? What can I do for those around me before my last moment comes? What can I do?

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