Is It Friday Allready?

61. for vacuums and bug spray for little armies of ants wanting to share my house
62. having a pool to slide into after feeling the effects of the humidity
63. for rosy red and delicate white vincas yet planted
64. upcoming birthdays of my little girls with curls like Shirley Temple, and the cutest round face with one little dimple. Oh where did those little girls go?


Multitude Monday

53. watching a child who was fearful to put their head underwater to set that fear aside and do it!

54. YiYi passing her driver's ed class.

55. seeing a 17 yog go to Venezuela by herself (with one riding companion) to help start programs there
56. still having Frodo with us

57. failing at making Flubber
58. getting in the pool even though it's cold
59. successfully recovering outside chair pads
60. vincas - the only flowers I can grow without killing them

A Holy Experience


Multitude Morning

47. time with Mama perusing Hobby Lobby
48. her showing interest in how to get on FB with my dad's Kindle (a miracle indeed)
49. going out to dinner Pops
50. his courage to go to his wife's side of family reunion without her
51. seeings signs of her everywhere in that house; ruffling through her art cabinet
52. watching him try kiwi for the first time
53. coming home to help and hugs