Multitude Tuesday Really

71. Watching Little Mama do flips & tricks & all kinds of gymnastic and dance moves in the water.

72. Seeing Mims & YiYi have the courage to go out in the ocean  - not me!

73. Watching Little Man and his cousin have a good week to play with each other.

74. Time to sit with my mama.
75. A little time on the beach with my dad.
76. Having a grocery store right across the street from the beach house.
77. Taking the kids down to the "point" where the ocean comes in to the inlet.
78. No major back issues this year!
79. Helping Little Man overcome his very BIG fear of bad weather bit by bit.
80. Starting lessons again today - being able to read with them again.
81. Doing reading lessons in Little Man's fort today (while he's afraid of spiders being there)
82. Seeing maturity already in Little Mama's participation when reading with her
83. Having a good pet sitter who knows vet stuff
84. The girls continue to drive up to get the dogs - about an hour away - after coming home from the 
85. YiYi having the courage to drive the Suburban to dinner tonight!


Multitude Monday

65. Seeing a daughter hold her head up after a failed permit test by one question too many - on 
      her birthday.
66. Making it home without spilling the salad dressing she loves - hidden in my pocketbook.
67. Dealing daily with the struggles of a six year old.
68. Little Frodo still being with us after we were told he could die at any moment three scripts ago.

69. Cleaning out the basement. Reminiscing as we sort through things.
70. Little Man being willing to give lots of his stuff away.