Day 5

Oops! Yesterday got by me. My brain fog is thickening...

from Ann Voskamp @ www.aholyexperience.com

Living with "brain fog" is an aggravating, sometimes embarrassing condition. You can say something to me, and not two seconds later I've forgotten it. My memory used to be so keen... (sigh)

What is causing it? Is it a side effect of meds? Is it sleep deprivation? Is it fatigue? Is it this mysterious "condition" I have that no one knows what it is? I'm so tired of being tired. My life is confusing. I am constantly forgetting things. It's "out of sight, out of mind" for me. If I don't write it down and remember to look at the list, it's a goner. Chores? Oh, yeah...I haven't vacuumed in two or more weeks...hmm...

Yet GOD's grace covers me. I haven't forgotten my children. I remember to take care of the pets. LORD, be my reminder. Remind me to get in YOUR Word and bring it back to my mind when I need it. Remind of the things I really need to do today. Help me to focus on YOU and on the task at hand. Give my family understanding even though they've not experienced it. Give them compassionate hearts and willing hearts to serve. I would much rather be the one serving, but it's so lonely and isolating not to be understood, to be misunderstood. Take me by the hand and lead me through each day. Give me direction. Deliver me at the right time. Bring my lens into focus. Make it like YOURS.

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