Day 2

The LORD is with us even in the small-but-really-add-up-quickly things of life. I believe our appliances and other house fixtures had a secret conference at some point and planned an all-out attack on us. On the front lines at the moment are the dishwasher, clothes washer and refrigerator. While HE may be calling us to support our vet heavily at the moment, HE is aiding us in the appliance war. Yesterday, well Wednesday now, the greatest tech I've ever encountered came to our house to look at the dishwasher. He saw right away what the problem was, located a new part, and made plans to come back in the afternoon to install it - all the while giving me tip after tip on where to find good referrals, good deals on warranties and the like. His personality was super-friendly and excitable, and you could tell he was looking out for your best interest instead of padding his pocket.

Today another tech came out to check out the malevolent clothes washer. We have been unable to locate our warranties folder as of yet, so he "observed" the "potential problem areas" and left without charging us a service charge until we can locate the paperwork.

There are much more important things in life than dishwashers and carpet and fridges, yet the LORD knows and cares about the little things in our life. Being the administrative one in the family, I've been watching the expenses rising and rising while the income is staying the same. I know even greater ones are coming up as well. I can't say I'm terribly overwhelmed by it (by HIS grace), but I do have moments of anxiety when the kids are wanting to go here and there and eat out and find their satisfaction in activities that cost money. That and when I have to pay the two biggest bills close together every month. Oh, and when we have to go to the dentist...

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