Watchful Wednesday

109. Seeing end of the year performances
110. Watching Little Man have fun with some hilarious older girls.
111. Laying my fears and anger and frustration down about what to do next year for learning for the 
        older girls.
112. A muddy yard to walk through.
113. Being able to wash clothes again without having to wait until the last possible moment to
        conserve water so we didn't flood our neighbor.
114. Your provision to come of yard tools.
115. YiYi getting ready to take driver's ed next week!

116. That Chessy (a horse we ride) survived Saturday with colic coming on.
117. A horse riding instructor that's more than an instructor; calling to check on Frodo.
118. Little Mama deciding which class to take - being brave when all her friends are moving on to
        other classes.
119. Hope for restoration and deliverance for a favorite doctor.

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