Multitude Monday

92. A peaceful Mother's Day spent at home after church.
93. Hearing a friend deal with all the different issues she deals without 
94. Her compassion and willingness to bring others into her home and accept 
      them where they are at while inching them forward.
95. Seeing someone back at church who was "dismissed" for a while.
96. Ant spray. I know GOD made them, but not in my house or my son's fort.

97. A chance to teach my children how to handle conflict, but, oh my, how I wish 
      they'd get it. 
98. Making something special for a very special lady who has influenced my children for good.
99. My YiYi getting her first wedding gig!

100. Mimi's journey to find her first job other than her jewelry.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely, inspiring list. Sounds like you have some special friends in your life. Thanks for sharing!