Multitude Monday

56. Doing a photoshoot with Little Man, who isn't so little anymore.

57. Sleeping with my dogs in the quiet of the day; everyone else at church - me not feeling well.
58. Weeding the garden.
59. Helping organize Big Daddie's trunk of the zillions of papers he carries around for work.
60. Bright red and pure white azaleas blooming.
61. Unexpected tickets from Big Daddie for us girls.
62. Changes of plans; a husband willing to "waste" his work time to wait in the car with my sick doggy so he wouldn't get overheated while my doctor appointment runs long.
63. Figuring out I'm missing a med; and that's why I'm feeling funny.
64. Seeing growth in Little Man even as he's just turned six.
65. YiYi getting two opportunities to second shoot events.
66. Generous parents giving to us in a very expensive year.
67. Finding free photo editing sites.
68. Knowing one day I'll figure out Photoshop - even though my version is now out of date.
69. Hard lessons learned in paper-writing.
70. Almost time for YiYi to take driver's ed!
71. That Little Mama's beautiful and good for talking together (from Isaac)
72. Pastor Jeff interrupting class to get Little Mama's and Little Man's autograph. (Little Mama was Dorothy; Little Man was a Munchkin)


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