It's All in How You See It...

After the disciples came back from their 2x2 time of ministering, JESUS knew they needed rest.
HE knew what they needed, yet HE knew what was to come as well.

from David Guzik's commentary at Biblos.com:

(Mark 6)  The multitudes saw them departing, and many knew Him and ran there on foot from all the cities: It’s easy to think that the multitude was nothing but rude and demanding. The disciples wanted to send them away (Mark 6:36), but Jesus was moved with compassion for them.

i. The disciples often saw the crowds as work, and as constant demands, especially at a time like this when their well-deserved rest was interrupted by the multitude. But Jesus saw them and was moved with compassion. Each face reflected a need, a hunger, or a hurt. Being a thoroughly others-centered person, Jesus cared more about the needs of someone else than His own needs.

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