Multitude Monday

 January 14, 2013   
11. Gingersnap cookies
12. Try to help YiYi with her computer issues and actually finding the problem
13. YiYi's new business and her going after it :
14. Mimi still working hard on her jewelry:
http://www.etsy.com/shop/PureBeautyJewelry (site down for reconstruction)
15. sitting on the porch of Yates Mill Pond
16. Little Man not wanting me to go visit my grandpa AFTER I've packed everything including the dogs and am sitting in the car ready to pull out
17. Ann Voskamp's pictures and resources
18. Hubby playing iPad games with me last night
19. Dog barking incessantly - at least he's still here
20. Chiropracters who bring great relief!

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